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serious saving with Stella

signed. sealed. savings. we're yours! 

Savings. Budget. Price conscious. These are not scary words! In fact, we love them. Cellar 52 and The Stella Collective are all about ways to save. Let's face it- weddings are expensive, but that doesn't mean you have to sign your life savings away! Our savings aren't cuts and they won't make you sacrifice your vision- you can have your dream wedding while ensuring you set the rest of your life up for success! After all, isn't that why you are getting married?! You might even find yourself loving a vision you never even dreamt up! 




2024 & 2025

When you see Cellar 52, you will see what we see. This venue is made for the wintertime. With three fireplaces indoors surrounding your dining room, cozy lighting, and a wood fire outdoors for a mild winters cocktail hour, the level of comfy and warth you feel will be the cherry on top. 


St. Jacobs in the wintertime is dreamy. The picturesque town turns into a Hallmark Movie set literally. Ok, not literally, but can you see it? The town is lit up with Christmas lights and Holiday Embellishments from street lamp to street lamp. 

You are in your own little snow globe with every window you look out. It can't get more ideal-winter-backdrop than that. 


Now, get ready to hear this. Cellar 52 is teaming up with Gilt Catering to bring you a Winter Wedding Promotion that cannot be beat. We are going to discount the venue rental and your catering & bar. Any quote you receive will show

50% off

the venue rental, as well as a catering price 
$25 off 

per person. You read that right. Take advantage of us and these savings on dates November through April. You receive full day access and our all-inclusive catering package. While some menu limitations apply, there is no sacrificing what you need for your day. 

Let us know when you get in touch if this sounds like it could suit your needs.


Winter Weddings with the Stella Collective are nothing short of magical and we cannot wait to show you why.  

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